About Us

The Organization. Established in 1993, our company MAY PHARMA DISTRIBUTOR is a duly FDA licensed pharmaceutical distributor and importer of pharmaceutical products– injectables, per orem products (such as tablets capsules, syrup and drops, topical products), medical devices and supplies which are of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (c.G.M.P.) standard. These products are certified and licensed for their SAFETY AND EFFICACY by the Philippine FDA. 


Our organization of 27-years has been defined by our core ideology to preserve Life, the value of Honesty and the guiding principles good business practices. Through all these twenty-seven years together with both old and new business partners, we continue to provide excellent service and quality products to our nationwide consumers in the hope for a better future of the Filipino people by supporting our vital human needs- the need to be healthy, to be cured from illness, and to prevent diseases. 


The Market. Vital in our human needs are the need to be healthy, to be cured from illness and prevention of diseases. The market potential and opportunities for growth of our company is ever-growing. Capable leaders  that inspire and energize to motivate to achieve attain organizational goals will propel this twenty-seven year old company to be sustainable. Our market and clients have been with us  since the estblishment of our company twenty seven ago. This clients’ loyalty to our organization reflects eloquently on how we have established an exceptional rapport with them.


Company Progress and Proof. The positive feedback from our clients is tangibly observed through their repeat orders for our products. These repeat orders comes monthly, quarterly, and even emergency purchases from goverment accounts. The clients’ loyalty for more than two decades is another tangible proof of our value as a pharmaceutical company.


Objectives/Future Goals. Upholding our core mission and vision, our organizational goal is to expand and increase clients- private hospitals, community drugstores, and increased transactions with the local government units. To attain this organizational goals, we endeavor to recruit and select winners to form as members of our team. These team members will represent our organization to the clients in the promotion our products, book for sales and collect clients’ payments.