• Preserve Life.
  • Dedication in the prevention and fight against diseases. Promotion of optimum wellness in cooperation with the health care team.
  • Passion in honorably serving the health care needs of the people by providing reliable pharmaceutical products that are SAFE and EFFECTIVE.
  • Determination to fulfill these core ideologies, core values and guiding principles to the best of our ability, with the help of God’s grace.


  • MAY PHARMA business success means victory against diseases and the preservation of Life.
  • HONESTY in our business dealings in the pharmaceutical industry, to the patientsand to the health care professionals.
  • We take serious responsibility for those who work for and with us. Consideration for individual dignity, opportunity and merit.
  • Our stand on the sequence of 3 P’s: 1st: Patient, 2nd: Product, 3rd: Profits.
  • We firmly believe that: Quality Pharmaceutical Products that are safe and effective does not have to come at an inflated price.
  • Sincere concern in providing a choice and alternative to diminish drug-related cost during therapy while at the same time maintaining ethical standards.


  • MAY PHARMA aims to reach out to new markets, both foreign and local businesses.
  • For foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers who are interested to enter the Philippine pharmaceutical market in the Philippines, we can
    efficiently assist your company in the licensing, and in securing the CPR (certificate of product registration) at the Philippine Food and Drugs Administration.