Business Opportunities

SUPPLIERS (manufacturers). Foreign manufacturers who want to join the Philippine pharmaceutical market


MAY PHARMA DISTRIBUTOR, with its efficient and capable team offers Consultancy Services.

        1. Assist to secure the License to Operate (LTO) issued by the Philippine FDA.

        2. Facilitate the registration of your products from FDA.

            Once issued a certificate of product registration (CPR), the product is now available to the introduced to the 

            Philippine commercial market.

       3. We can connect your with other Philippines pharmaceutical companies to be your business partner. 

       4. We will make your products available and accessible to the different regions of the Philippines

       5. The easiest and fastest way to penetrate the market is through acquiring a local partner who is already active in the industry. 

           This partner has familiarity in handling all aspects of the business.

       6. Suppliers wishing to enter the Philippine market need to be able to prove quality at competitive prices to gain considerable success.



  • Honest dealings.
  • Respect for territories. No overlapping
  • We will work hand in hand for a Profitable business relationship.
  • Furnish documents as needed in Formulary.